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Sunday, December 2, 2007

2007 Rosa d'Oro harvest recap

A very, very dry year left us picking at around 25 brix, which is pretty high for us traditionalists. We waited for the flavor though, organoleptic evaluation over numbers. The Dolcetto and Primitivo were picked in succession, the Barbera a few days later, and the Aglianico naturally was about 3 weeks later with some rain time. This year we pressed the Primitivo and Dolcetto at 2-3 brix after eight or nine days as we have no trouble developing full tannins. With the Aglianico however we opted for an extended maceration of 26 days with constant, cautious tasting. Brunello yeast has proven itself reliable for us and was used again, and our fermentation tanks are outdoors and have no heating jackets. Everything is safely in barrels now. We also have in the works Sangiovese (we just bottled the 2006 and are pretty pleased), Moscato Giallo and Muscat Canelli with one barrel of Giallo set aside as a port, and our Chardonnay continues along the clean, heavy mineral structure and flowery tones that our clay soil consistently produces. We also have two barrels of Dolcetto port going and one and a half barrels of Refosco, a largely forgotten red, sort of like an amped-up Barbera we picked up from our vine purveyor. At the turn of the century MOndavi's To-kalon vineyard was half Refosco. Prices are all under $20 with discounts for wine club members. More details at of course!