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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What did you do today?
I killed trees. Never done much logging. After living in Portland for well over ten years, and having a mother-in-law from Aberdeen, Washington, you would expect a certified tree killer. But kitchen work and philosophy studies don't tend that way, and sure I've chopped a bit here and there, used to cut up dead prune trees for fire wood, etc. but, taking out acres of walnut trees is real, serious work. I love walnuts, don't get me wrong. They may not be as sexy as pistachios or as versatile as hazelnuts, they don't have the ego of chestnuts or the devious falsehood of peanuts, but I am a defender of their tradition and that twist of savory bitterness. But I like wine more, and these trees need to go. We have vines coming and vines to order, and these derelict trees just aren't pulling their weight. Nebbiolo or walnuts, hmmm, you decide. The burn piles will be fun though. The backhoe guy comes in next, then we clean it all up again, rip, disk, lay irrigation for our pathetic well to keep the newborns alive...

The boneyard.
The most important question: what will be going in? Well, secrecy aside, we will be trying our hand with Nebbiolo like idiots. I am also thrilled to announce that Sagrantino is on order along with Negro Amaro and several Sangiovese clones...;

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