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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is the Barbera, racing ahead of the Chardonnay, headlong into inevitable frost season. The variation between rootstock and planting location is always pretty interesting this time of year. Looks like a heavy sucker season after last year's frost damage, so a lot of handwork will need to be done, but maybe we will wait until the wind machine is shut down for the year...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wine 2.0: The Aftermath

First off, we will be back next year. For us it was a good event. People were friendly, and we are making a few sales, so the ranch is safe for another day. Met several great winemakers and some nice folks. It was a bizarro social situation though. Twittering was encouraged, so people meandered around staring into their iphones, alienated automatons while being part of a virtual community - a bit of Theodore Adorno's nightmare or Baudrillard's dream, but I digress. People talked openly or marketing, business models and the like, an etiquette faux pas where I come from. Generation Y (I refuse to call you all "Millenials", you don't get to pick your generational moniker, sorry) and its drive to try new and exciting rather than stale and boring like the baby boomers, is very good to us. We don't make Cab. or Merlot. We are what is known as a hand sell in that we make dry Muscat, Refosco, Aglianico, etc. Those are cool code words if you are deeply into Italian wine, but meaningless to the general purchasing population. Generation Y-ers say "Cool, I'll try it!" And, we like that. Many friendly people, wanting to talk, asking questions. Did it fulfill its high tech portion? I don't know, we are pretty lo-tech and tend to shy away from such stuff, but from a wine angle, minus ideology, it was enjoyable and no more obnoxious than a regular pouring full of drunk folks looking down their noses.
I do want to make a special note - if you go through Kenwood, stop at VJB cellars, but be sure to stop at Muscardini for some Sangiovese. My find of the night though was Berryessa Gap Vineyards in Winters. They are 100% estate grown, their Tempranillo is to die for, and they are super nice, down to earth, serious folks. Excellent wines, seriously. Check them out, their prices are great too.