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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey birds, party here

Sure, it looks like fun, but really it is evil. Crime is occurring at a frightening rate. Avian larceny is rampant. Burgled vinifera. Veraison refers to the changing of color in maturing grapes. It signifies a physiological shift from acid accumulation to loss and an importation of sugars from the leaves. Anthocyanins begin to form in reds (hence the color) and carotenoids in the whites. It also means that every little douche bag finch in the county wants to eat your grapes. This silver flashy tape is supposed to scare and startle the birds, like they haven't ever seen disco ball mylar before. We will also be using an electronic "bird alarm" that repeats different distress calls over a set of speakers. The crows find it hilarious, and they laugh while we set it up, and try to copy the distress calls as if they were in a differnt dialect.
The important thing is that the Dolcetto is about 85% through veraison, the Barbera about 50%. This picture is of the Primitivo (you can see how similar it is to Zinfandel in this picture) sitting in between. The Aglianico is still green 95% - darn late season varietal. We picked it in NOVEMBER last year! Anyway, veraison means that it is wine time. Purple grapes means get winery together, clean the picking tubs and get ready. Things are about to happen. The Chardonnay will be ready in about four weeks! And then everything starts moving really fast.
As a side note, if you are in our area, we will be pouring in San Rafael on the 15th at the Food and Wine Fest and Nick will be pouring at the Orange County Wine Society on the 16th. If you are in Lake County come by to say hi at the Middletown farmer's market on Thursday or see us in Lakeport on the 21st!