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Monday, September 21, 2009

Port is on the way

We are in the midst of the the real exciting part of harvest, but we also have a massive bottling project under way as well. We gave our bottles a modest redesign for 2008. We bottled the Rosato several days ago and here the bossman is bottling our Dolcetto Dessert Wine (you can't call it Port! says the TTB) in our super cute 375ml screen print bottles, with real corks! (reference earlier post for the cork quandary). Modeled on a traditional vintage Port, meaning two years barrel aging and able to suck up massive amounts of bottle time, this guy is not some crappy Ruby. We didn't just take some dead and lifeless 30 Brix Zin that would never ferment dry and decide to make Port. No Sir, this is dedicated Dolcetto with about 18% Aglianico to add a rigid spice and cherry spine. It is high acid with very modest sugar that will continue to fade out while the bouquet comes forward. Hopefully it will be ready to release next summer. I the meantime the winery is full of cases of empty glass, waiting for several of the 2008s to fill them with goodness.