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Monday, May 17, 2010


Gravity is one of the few things that is still free. Though it makes many winery functions difficult for us, racking is one of the few that it really helps out. For the last year we have been gravity racking barrel to barrel for the most part. Now, most of the classier wineries used compressed nitrogen to pump their wines around when they are gently handling a delicate varietal, so what we are doing is only new to us. We use the simpler ghetto version by simply using a bit of compressed carbon dioxide to start the flow from barrel to barrel, and then lift the draining barrel by forklift so that it can transfer to a new barrel at its own silent leisure. The Sangiovese likes delicate handling, so it is being racked into new barrel through a long pipe that fills from the bottom without splashing or really aerating it. More tannic varietals like Dolcetto, and especially ones that need to be exposed to oxygen like Cabernet can be splashed around as well. The nice part is that it is very quiet, you can do it almost anywhere, and only minimum equipment is necessary. The downside is that when you are busy away somewhere multitasking you will find out that those 2004 Kadar Hungarian barrels are a different size than the French Chateau Ferre and your precious wine is silently overfilling and running away. Won't make that mistake again.

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