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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Breakage happens. Driving a cork into the neck of a bottle displaces/compresses a huge amount of gas. When a blowout occurs, it usually happens at the shoulder, just like this - clearly the weakest point. The shape is always the same teardrop, though this one fractured a little bit in addition. Figures for breakage vary widely depending on who you ask and why. So far, with these particular bottles which are a pretty nice build, we are seeing about one bottle per 300 cases, or 1 in 3,600. Not a bad figure really and we are pretty happy with them all around.

The last brand we used was a nightmare, about 1 in 40 cases breaking, meaning wine everywhere, broken glass and the all important time-destroying cleanup ruining the day. We hand bottle our own wines in a small finished room with a pneumatic corker that can't be hosed down or simply brushed out. I won't name names, but with that last glass we used the quality control schmuck who finally came out after numerous angry phone calls claimed that:

a) 1 in 480 bottle breakage is totally normal and acceptable, and we shouldn't be complaining. And,
b) It was the other guy's fault, not his company's.

Needless to say we will never use Demptos glass again - oops.

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