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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wine geek quiz time

Here is a copy of the quiz that will be given at Sonoma State University's Lake County presentation and wine tasting tomorrow night.

1. In which region(s) is irrigation not allowed?
Rioja    Brunello di Montalcino    Chåteauneuf du Pape    Piedmont    All 4

2. Which country has more recognized indigenous varietals: Italy or Portugal?

3. This county had the highest number of marijuana seizures in California for three years in a row, has the oldest natural lake in the United States, and 16.8% unemployment.

4. True or False. HR 5034 was written by well-meaning temperate folks who want to protect underage drinkers and the sovereignty of states’ rights.

5. Austrian wine that is the “groovy” next new big thing (again).


6. The most planted grape in the world by acreage is:
Airén    Merlot    Trebbiano    Grenache    Chardonnay


7. True or false. Much valued oak used for barrels in Italy comes not from France or America but Hungary and Slovenia.

8. Ravenswood, Clos du Bois, Robert Mondavi and 59 other wine labels are owned by:
Diageo     E & J Gallo     Constellation Brands     Bronco


9. True or False. Sussreserve is unfermented grape juice added to very acidic wines in Germany, and it used in California to nefariously add aroma to bottled whites and rosé.


10. Cabernet Sauvignon is a cross of Cabernet Franc and ?
Merlot     Sauvignon Blanc     Pinot Noir     Malbec


11. True or false. Napa Gamay is not the Gamay of Beaujolais at all but Valdigué.


12. In California you are allowed to add which of these to a fermentation?

Sugar by concentrate      Acid      Water     Oak      All of them


13. True or false. In the 19th Century Champagne was normally over 8% sugar.


14. True or false. Oregon voluntarily instituted Prohibition three years before the U.S.


15. There were no mentionable plantings of this varietal in California before 1962 and Louis Martini bottled the first varietally labeled example in 1970.
Tempranillo       Grenache      Merlot       Semillon

Bonus Question:

Can you help us find a distributor?

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