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Monday, March 14, 2011


Barbera is maddening. It is so simple, but oh so not simple at all. It accepts all sorts of manipulations readily, so its purity is often in question. It has a wide temperature tolerance, easily producing plum jam balls or lean mean austere acid machines.

If you are interested in Barbera, you should visit #barbera2. 10 barberas, five from Italy, five from the U.S. One of the five from the U.S. will be our 2007 Rosa d'Oro Estate Barbera. This is not a wine competition but a terroir project, identifying the multiple regional signatures possible in the grape. And to make it better still, Nick will be flying to Italy to present it and discuss the growing conditions, clones, pruning and relevant minutiae to the group. The tasting will be recreated at the Barbera Festival at Cooper Ranch in Shenandoah Valley on June 11th. See you there!

Oh yeah, and if you are really curious, our 2005 Barbera was reviewed by Gary Vaynerchuk in episode #686 and you can watch it right here.