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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High altitude winemaking podcast

The Guild of Sommeliers (which is a treasure trove of wine geek information available at  for a yearly membership) has started a monthly podcast series. So far two of them have been on the subject and practice of blind tasting, one is on Sicilian wine with Oliver McCrum and Shelley Lindgren of A-16, and the most recent is on the subject of "high altitude" winemaking. All are extremely informative, and the most recent one is directly related to Lake County viticulture and enology. Enjoy!

High Elevation Winemakeing in California with Chris Carpenter from Lokoya, Ross Cobb from Hirsch, Matt Stamp MS and Geoff Kruth MS, from the Guild of Sommeliers.
Direct download: High_Elevation_Winemaking_Podcast_May.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 5:56 AM

In depth conversation about blind tasting with Geoff Kruth MS and four new Masters Sommeliers.
Direct download: Blind_Tasting_Podcast_April_2011.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 6:05 PM

Tasting and Discussion of the wines of Sicily with Geoff Kruth MS, Matt Stamp MS, Shelley Lindgren, and Oliver McCrum.
Direct download: Sicily_Podcast_3-10-11.m4a
Category:Regional Podcasts -- posted at: 7:31 PM

Blind tasting 6 wines with Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth, and guests Matt Stamp and Jason Heller.
Direct download: PodcastTasting12-27.m4a
Category:Blind Tasting -- posted at: 5:00 AM

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