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Friday, June 10, 2011

Barbera Festival!

Well, if you do not already have tickets for the Barbera Festival tomorrow you are out of luck - they were permitted for 1800 people and sold out weeks in advance. More than 80 wineries will be pouring their respective barberas, which is really quite amazing, and other than Pinot festivals (and we KNOW how THOSE people are) this will be possibly the first celebration of a non-mainstream cultivar in memory. Darrell Corti, Mike Dunn and Randy Caparoso will be there, as well as many others to be sure. Hats off to Mark Miller and everyone involved for making it happen.

For our part we will pouring our first vertical in history as well: 2007, 2008 and 2009 Barbera will be shown for the first time. Having only sampled about one-quarter of the barberas present I hope for time to run around and take notes but it may not be that easy as it looks to be an action-packed day with beautiful weather.

Tonight is also the Toga party in our tasting room - if you make it you can preview the new 2009 Refosco. See you there.

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