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Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Kickstarter campaign is live

If you have ever been to our tasting room and enjoyed any of Rosa d'Oro's food or wine we ask that you take a minute to checkout our Kickstarter campaign. Our food program has been ramping up for a while, and it is time for us to get our act together and get a real kitchen in with an actual stove. We have some pretty good rewards listed I think, and to be honest, we are on an adventure here. The winery and the grapes are all a big, long learning process from the ground up for us, and this Kickstarter project is part of that adventure as is the journey of bringing in real, thoughtful food in conjunction with the wine. Chances are if you like what you see, it is probably because you appreciate that adventure and might want to to come along for a little bit of it, and we would really appreciate the company. We are also raising funds through the tasting room - the rewards include wine which we can not offer through kickstarter, so if that sounds interesting please email And thank you for the faith.

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