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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Now available: Greco di Yolo, not Tufo

We have finally released a very small amount of our Greco, which might be the only Greco di Tufo (Tufo is of course not correct here being a region in Italy, but it helps identify what we are talking about) in the United States. As some of you might remember, we released some under our "House White" label a while ago because the TTB has rejected the permutations "Greco," "Greco Bianco," and "Greco di Tufo" as recognized grape names. I have chronicled that whole ridiculous encounter under the tab above left titled "The Greco Incident" and nothing has since come of our efforts to have this awesome grape recognized in the U.S. I really see a tremendous future for this heat-loving, drought- tolerant grape, so the varietal name hangup is doubly disappointing.

Anyhow, our tiny amount is dwindling rapidly. The grapes were grown at Nova Vine's budwood block in Yolo County. Being multi-vintage it has some nice lees characteristics along with that saline, waxy thing that Greco does so well, floral and earthy citrus at the same time. Though it is officially a House White wine, the proprietary name via the old Dadaist riff is "Greco non esiste qui" which is much less snarky than all the earlier thoughts. Only about 50 cases made and you can find it on the Rosa d'Oro website. Stay tuned for more exciting whites soon!